Kim Min-kyu shared, “To prepare for the scene in ‘Business Proposal’ where I took off my shirt, I ate 1kg of chicken breasts in a day”

Kim Min-kyu revealed chicken breast as the food he ate to maintain his body.

Actor Kim Min-kyu and comedian Kim Ji-min appeared as guests on tvN’s “Sixth Sense 3”, which aired on June 10th.

sixth sense 3

On this day, Yoo Jae-seok introduced Kim Min-kyu, “I heard you only ate chicken breast because you were too into working out”. Kim Min-kyu responded, “I recently shot a drama scene where I took off my shirt. That’s why I ate it a lot. I ate 1kg of chicken breasts in a day.”

A Business Proposal

Upon hearing that, Oh Na-ra said, “You might get sick of chicken breasts”. Lee Sang-yeop also commented, “That’s why your Adam’s apple looked a bit swollen”.

Showing her interest in Kim Min-kyu, Mi-joo said, “Then you might collapse. That’s not good at all. Don’t just eat chicken breasts”, worrying about Kim Min-kyu’s health. “Sixth Sense” members also reminded Kim Min-kyu, “You have to eat healthily”.

Kim Min Kyu

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