“I don’t think you’ll regret it if you believe in me”… Kim Ji-eun kept her promise 2 years ago

Kim Ji-eun properly imprinted her name. It has only been two years. From “Im Si-wan’s girlfriend” and “ITZY Ryujin’s look-alike”, she has now clearly proved her presence as “actress Kim Ji-eun”.

Actress Kim Ji-eun has recently emerged as the most notable actress. She finally hit a cool home run when meeting SBS’ hot Friday-Saturday drama “One Dollar Lawyer“.

Kim Ji-eun, who has recently begun to draw attention, is not an actress who suddenly popped out. Kim Ji-eun started acting in earnest through the web drama “The Best Moment To Quit Your Job” after entering the entertainment industry with a commercial in 2016. She made her face known by playing small roles in many dramas such as “The Royal Gambler”, “Entertainer”, “Secret Healer”, “Wanted”, “W”, “Lovely Horribly”, “Children of Nobody”, “Doctor Prisoner” and movies such as “Tattoo”, “The Drug King”, “Long Live the King”.

Kim Ji Eun

Her recognition began to rise in earnest from OCN’s “Hell Is Other People” in 2019. At that time, Kim Ji-eun appeared as Im Si-wan’s girlfriend and shook men’s hearts with her striking innocent beauty. Driving that momentum, she was cast as the only actress on “Just Comedy”, JTBC’s comedy program in the form of a short drama, in 2010. She gave viewers laughter as she took on the role of comedian Kim Joon-hyun’s wife.

Kim Ji-eun has revealed her strong presence since she was cast as one of the two female leads in MBC’s drama “The Veil”. At that time, Kim Ji-eun worked with Nam Goong-min and Park Ha-sun. Kim Ji-eun received harsh criticism from viewers at the beginning of the work, but began to come into the spotlight as Park Ha-sun dropped out and she became the main heroine. In the meantime, she caused hot responses online due to her resemblance to several female stars such as Son Na-eun, Seolhyun, ITZY Ryujin and Han So-hee.

Kim Ji-eun one dollar lawyer

When meeting OSEN in August 2020, two years ago, Kim Ji-eun said with confidence, “It seems that you haven’t contacted me yet because you don’t know me. I’m working and practicing hard, and I don’t think you’ll regret it if you believe in me. If you get to know an actress named Kim Ji-eun, you won’t regret it.

Since then, Kim Ji-eun has been walking on a solid path as a leading actress. She continued her hard work by being cast as the female lead in SBS’ dramas “Again My Life” and “One Dollar Lawyer”. Kim Ji-eun has rapidly grown into a notable actress in a short period of time by working with top actors such as Nam Goong-min and Lee Joon-gi. She worked with Nam Goong-min in 3 works, from “Doctor Prisoner”, “The Veil” to “One Dollar Lawyer”, and pounded along the corridor after him.

In particular, Kim Ji-eun, who recently hit the jackpot through “One Dollar Lawyer”, which recorded a rating of 15% (Nielsen Korea’s national standard), overcame severe criticism and showed an impressive performance as Baek Ma-ri.

Namgoong Min Kim Ji eun

Kim Ji-eun announced the new drama casting news even before the end of “One Dollar Lawyer”, signaling the continuing flower path. Kim Ji-eun has been selected as the heroine in “Waiting For You For A Long Time” (directed by Han Chul-soo), which revolves around a mystery chase of a detective in the countryside.

Attention is focused on the future moves of Kim Ji-eun, who is changing viewers’ question marks with confidence and anticipation.

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