Kim Ji Eun: “Nam Goong Min is my acting teacher, want to see him again in my next work”

For actress Kim Ji Eun (29), Nam Goong Min (44) is like an “acting teacher.”

For actress Kim Ji Eun (29), Nam Goong Min (44) is like an “acting teacher.” They have worked together three times, from “Doctor Prisoner” (2019) to “The Veil” (2021), and SBS “One Dollar Lawyer.” Recently, Nam Goong Min personally recommended Kim Ji Eun as his acting partner.

My senior only gives me the advice I need. While filming ‘The Veil’, I memorized the entire script, but he said, ‘Don’t do that.” When I only said the fixed lines in the script, he scolded me that I was trapped in the script and couldn’t express what I wanted to express, saying, ‘How can I know your feelings?’. This time, he said that I’ve improved a lot, but added, ‘You need to know how to see the whole thing’. He’s like an acting teacher to me. I’m taking classes for free. I want to meet him in my next work as well. I want to try the fantasy genre.

one dollar lawyer

The drama tells the story of Chun Ji Hoon (Nam Goong Min), a lawyer who has the best skills but only asks for a fee of one dollar each time, defending his client without a background. The first episode started with 8.1% (Nielsen Korea’s national standard), and the 12th episode ended with the highest viewer rating of 15.2%. Although it is a court drama, it is not difficult to follow, and the story was developed from the standpoint of the weaker people to increase immersion. Adding comic elements and removing difficult legal terms as much as possible, the drama focuses on how “viewers could feel more empathy and comfortable.

However, many viewers were disappointed by the frequent cancellations and how the show was cut down to 12 episodes from the original 16 episodes. Kim Ji Eun said, “I have done my best until the end, so I’m more grateful than sorry,” but added, “I feel relieved.

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For the first time, Kim Ji Eun cut her hair and changed her image to express Ma Ri’s confident personality. Ma Ri is a character who wants to prove herself with her own ability despite being a “golden spoon,” about which Kim Ji Eun said, “We are similar in that we try to experience a lot,” adding, “I tend to be careful in what I said because anyone might get hurt by just a word. Ma Ri is smart and speaks her opinion in a way that is not rude so that she doesn’t hurt anyone,” she explained. “Ma Ri is the most attractive and pretty when she puts herself first. She loves herself and freely uses different facial expressions, speech, and actions from others.” She stressed, “I’m proud to see her wearing a hot pink suit to work.

Kim Ji Eun has starred in SBS dramas “Again My Life” and “One Dollar Lawyer” this year, playing an active role as a “rating fairy.” When asked about her expectation for any year-end acting award, she said, “In fact, I wanted to do so well during ‘The Veil’ that I tried so hard to act, which left me with a lot of regrets. ‘Again My Life’ was relaxing and I had fun. ‘One Dollar Lawyer’ also had the same fun. Both works are like awards to me,” he said. “I’d appreciate it if they gave me an award because the dramas are memorable for me, but I have no regrets if I don’t get it.”

one dollar lawyer nam goong min

She is turning 30 next year, but she is not anxious. “I want to be able to make it when I reach the full level of experience like my seniors,” she shared. She also suffered a slump for about five years during her mid-20s, but that has become her driving force for growth. “There were times when it didn’t work out no matter what I did. I might have failed auditions a few times, but I felt like falling into a swamp because I kept failing. When I put it down for a while, took a rest, and came back, I became passionate again. After that, I was lucky enough to act in ‘The Veil’ and have been acting until now. I have had an unwanted rest for a long time. Whenever I think about that time, I am happy to work even if I am busy and have a hard time because I can’t sleep.

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