Kim Hye-yoon Has Experienced One-sided Love? “Byun Woo-seok is Destined to Succeed”

In an interview after her latest acting project “Lovely Runner”, actress Kim Hye-yoon disclosed various anecdotes about herself and co-stars.

tvN’s “Lovely Runner” is a drama that unexpectedly achieved great success this year. Despite low initial expectations, the synergy between the writer, director, and actors led to an overwhelming response.

The drama’s female lead, Kim Hye-yoon, created the best chemistry with her co-actors, helping them shine. When praised for highlighting her co-star Byun Woo-seok, who played Ryu Sun-jae, Kim humbly said, “He was always destined to succeed. It was just a coincidence that he worked with me. I didn’t actually do anything.”

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Regarding the success of “Lovely Runner”, the actress stated, “I never expected such a big response. From last June, my main thought was just to finish shooting safely. But the script was interesting and read like an internet novel. There were moments that made me cry and laugh. As an actor, I thought I could showcase various aspects by playing someone from their teens, 20s, and 30s. Often, we shot scenes in one location, divided into different times with varying emotions and ages.”

For the first time in her career, Kim Hye-yoon played a character from high school to university and into the working world in a single drama.

Discussing her portrayal of a teenager, Kim said, “I didn’t think I suited a school uniform, but I wore it. I acted with the mindset of enjoying that period, maximizing the cheerfulness. The height, hand, and foot size differences between Woo-seok and me were particularly appealing to the audience.” 

There were even demands on the internet for a youth trilogy featuring Kim Hye-yoon, to which she responded positively, saying she would participate if asked.

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Kim Hye-yoon is fearless when it comes to acting, having completed underwater, kidnapping, and wire scenes for “Lovely Runner.” Filming summer scenes in winter required her to be cautious to avoid catching a cold, and she increased her intake of supplements. She isn’t afraid of unflattering scenes, considering her ability to make even awkward moments watchable as her biggest strength.

“I sometimes went overboard in funny scenes because I wanted to make them memorable. The director laughed more when I exaggerated, and he helped me control my energy”, the actress said.

She also praised Byun Woo-seok in return, saying, “He made me feel comfortable, enabling me to act naturally. During my emotional scenes, he stayed in character as Sun-jae, helping me stay focused. He was kind and supportive like an older brother next door.”

“I’ve experienced one-sided love but didn’t draw from that memory”, the actress shared, adding, “I looked at Sun-jae as my favorite and expressed the situation directly. Conveying excitement in romantic comedies is challenging, but the camera director captured it well. The fluorescent kiss scene, in my opinion, best displayed the thrill.”

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Kim Hye-yoon started as a child actor and took many minor roles during her time at Sunil Girls’ High School and Konkuk University’s Film and Digital Media Department. She didn’t shy away from any projects, including short films.

“Those were dark times. I wondered how long I would keep auditioning and doing minor roles, questioning if acting was the right career. I developed a habit of setting small daily goals like exercising for an hour or watching a movie. These small efforts paid off later. While my friends were moving ahead, I felt like I was falling behind. But everyone has their time. You have to work hard at what you’re doing. Without that period, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m grateful to my past self for enduring. If I had given up, there would be no Kim Hye-yoon today”, she reflected.

Source: Daum

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