Karina Acknowledges aespa Triggered 4th Gen Female Idol with Shortest Record of 100 Million Views for Debut MV

Karina revealed that aespa is the starting point of the 4th generation of female idols.

On May 20th, a video featuring aespa’s guest appearance was released on the YouTube channel “Diggle”.

The host, broadcaster Jonathan, mentioned, “It is said that aespa triggered the 4th generation female idol. The music video for ‘Black Mamba’ achieved 100 million views in the shortest period among debut songs of K-pop groups. Do you agree with that?


To this, Ningning mentioned, “We’ll admit it to some extent,” and Giselle said, “We’ll shamelessly admit it.” Upon hearing this, Jonathan said, “Humility is not necessary.”

In response, leader Karina stated, “We triggered it,” acknowledging it.


aespa recently made a comeback and released their album “MY WORLD – The 3rd Mini Album” with the title track “Spicy” on May 8th.

Source: Daum. 

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