Kang Dong-won confirmed his friendship with BTS V… “I have to lose weight to get paid” (Starry Night radio program)

Actor Kang Dong-won raised the mood at a recent radio show with his surprise appearance as a guest.

MBC’s FM “Kim Eana’s Starry Night”, which aired on September 28th, Park Hyo-shin and BTS V host the show as special DJs on behalf of Kim Eana. 


While reading the listeners’ responses on the radio show, V stopped at the comment “Kim making friends while passing by” and said, “My nickname is ‘Kim making friends while passing by’? I guess it’s because I easily make friends with people right after meeting them. But I think my life is very exciting since I’ve passed by many good people”.

kang dong won

After greeting the listeners, Park Hyo-shin and V introduced Kang Dong-won as the special guest. Referring to Kang Dong-won, the two said, “He rarely appears on radio shows… The last time he did was very long ago. How many years? We actually don’t think much about that but we know he’s been very busy these days”, warmly welcoming the guest. Park Hyo-shin commented, “He has just taken a nap during the filming”.

Kang Dong-won greeted, “It’s so nice to meet everyone in this way. I’m not nervous. Luckily, I have a filming schedule in Seoul this week. Most of the filmings are actually done in Mungyeong.”

Kang Dong-won

V awkwardly said, “It’s the first time three of us do a broadcast together…”. Kang Dong-won responded, “I think it’s just like when we had a drink at my house”, raising the mood. 

When Park Hyo-shin said, “I feel a little awkward. We need to speak comfortably”, Kang Dong-won laughed and said, “I’m the guest but I think I’m the most comfortable person here”.

bts v

Revealing how he became close to Park Hyo-shin and V, Kang Dong-won then shared, “I and Hyo-shin got to know each other and became friends more than 15 years ago because our stylists were close to each other. Then I introduced Hyo-shin to my acquaintance, and that acquaintance is close to Tae-hyung so we ended up knowing each other”.

Recalling the past, V said, “We had many long talks and even sincere conversations”. Park Hyo-shin said, “Dong-won knows a lot about music. He knows many good songs that even I used to ask him to recommend some good songs to me”. V added, “I heard Hyo-shin let Dong-won listen to his songs before they were released”, showing off their special friendship.

Park Hyo-shin

Kang Dong-won also told an anecdote of when he was touched by Park Hyo-shin. The actor said, “I came back from abroad and had to quarantine because the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak at that time. He called me on New Year’s Day and asked, ‘Did you eat rice cake soup?’. When I said I hadn’t eaten that, he made it and left it in front of my door”.

Park Hyo-shin said, “I cooked it. Covid-19 was severe at that time so he had to quarantine as soon as he returned. I thought his mother wouldn’t be able to visit him on such a special day so I cooked and put it in front of his door”. Kang Dong-won responded, “Thank you so much”, expressing his gratitude once again.

In addition, Kang Dong-won said, “I recently started filming the movie ‘Possessed’. I have done about 10 filmings”, adding “The movies I filmed before that will be released soon, around February. It’s ‘The Incident’”, giving an update on his current situation. 

Kang Dong Won

Park Hyo-shin said, “I think you lost more weight than usual after the filming started”, pointing out that Kang Dong-won has become skinnier. Kang Dong-won said, “I have to take care of my body to get paid”.

Looking at Kang Dong-won, V said, “The first time I saw you was when you had just bulked up but now you look much skinnier. You rested for a while and now you’re busy again.”

Park Hyo-shin and V also called Kim Eana, the DJ of “Starry Night” radio program. Complimenting Park Hyo-shin and V’s hosting skills, Kim Eana said, “I would be going to work like a sinner on Monday”. In particular, Park Hyo-shin and V also promised to appear on the radio show again while talking on the phone with Kim Eana. 


Meanwhile, Kim Eana decided to go on a one-week vacation for the first time since she hosted the radio. As a result, Park Hyo-shin is in charge of the show as a special DJ from September 26th to October 2nd.

Source: daum

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