K-netizens Defend NewJeans Against Accusations of Copying Mexican Group Jeans

As NewJeans was accused of copying the Mexican group Jeans, Korean netizens are providing evidence that proves otherwise. 

Recently, girl group NewJeans was accused of copying the concept, album design, and styling of a Mexican group called “Jeans”, drawing massive attention. 

However, on May 21, a topic has emerged, where Korean netizens defend NewJeans against the new plagiarism allegation. 


In particular, a topic titled “All idols in the world have plagiarized the Mexican group Jeans” was published on the Korean forum Instiz. In this topic, the author pointed out that numerous celebrities, ranging from Britney Spears to Beyoncé, have released album covers and wore clothes similar to Jeans. 

It was also pointed out that the similarities all belong to the Y2K aesthetics at the time, so it is an exaggeration to call this issue “plagiarism” or “copying”. 

Below are some comments from Korean netizens: 

  • Isn’t it just a Y2K vibes…
  • NewJeans is just a 21st century reinterpretation of Y2K, which was everywhere in the past 
  • The allegation claims are really getting more and more far-fetched
  • HYBE is really trying to take NewJeans down with all their ridiculous claims 
  • Trends come and go, but it was NewJeans that make them popular in Korea again 
  • HYBE really do think the public are idiots.

Source: PC, Instiz

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