K-netizens are divided over whether TWICE should join ‘Queendom’

While some think this could be a chance for TWICE to restore their peak popularity, others doubt their skills. 

At the end of 2020, Mnet published a list of shows they will broadcast in 2022. “Street Man Fighter“, the male version of “Street Woman Fighter” is confirmed to air this summer. “Show Me The Money 11” is expected to air in the second half of the year. But the most anticipated show is “Queendom” after it was revealed to come back this March. 

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With the resounding success of “Queendom” aired in the fall of 2019, fans set higher expectations for the second season of the show. Until now, Mnet has not announced any information about the artists to be featured in “Queendom 2“. Therefore, Korean netizens have started speculating about the official lineup.


Among girl groups mentioned by Korean netizens in the predicted line-up of “Queendom 2“, TWICE draws the most divided opinions. According to many netizens, TWICE being nominated to take part in “Queendom” makes no sense because the JYP girl group has absolutely no reason to join as they are still doing well with their activities such as concerts or album sales.

Recently, a similar post caused Korean netizens to enter a fierce debate when the original poster (OP) raised the question of whether or not TWICE should be a part of the lineup for “Queendom“. According to OP, if TWICE agrees to appear on “Queendom 2“, the show’s ratings will definitely skyrocket.

In the comments of this post, Korean netizens share their divided thoughts. Many netizens hope that TWICE will join “Queendom” to restore their popularity at its peak since their recent releases saw underwhelming performances on domestic digital music charts. On the other hand, there are also plenty of comments expressing doubts or even mocking TWICE‘s skills, and at the same time bringing up TWICE’s controversial encore live stages. These netizens question TWICE’s ability to compete in a talent-centric show like “Queendom“.

  • “Considering their skills, it’s better not to join”
  • “Queendom” is not a school talent show”
  • “Are they going to show up on Queendom and pretend to be fascinated by the trophy instead of singing to take the flak again?”
  • “But I really hope TWICE will join ‘Queendom’ and restore their peak popularity. TWICE is always framed in the image of an incompetent girl group. However, they have quite good vocals and dancing skills. Their skills can absolutely be compared with any other girl group”
  • “Do they want to join to recreate this embarrassing moment?”

“TWICE is so famous for their cute concept and many people still think they’re an untalented group. In fact, the group’s dancing is very synchronized, not to mention that Nayeon and Jihyo also rank at the top among the vocalists of girl groups these days.”

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