K-drama actresses who cause confusions with their names, some even mistaken for each other

New K-drama fans may have some difficulties telling these K-drama actresses apart due to their similar names. 

Song Hye Kyo – Song Ji Hyo

While Song Hye Kyo and Song Ji Hyo only share the same surname, for those unfamiliar with Korean, the two may sound similar. In addition, both Song Hye Kyo and Song Ji Hyo were born in 1981, and both are famous actresses who get mentioned enough to cause confusion. As it turns out, Song Ji Hyo, whose real name is Cheon Soo Yeon, actually got inspired to create her stage name from Song Hye Kyo, which explains the resemblance. 

On the other hand, the career paths of Song Hye Kyo and Song Ji Hyo can’t be anymore different. If Song Hye Kyo focuses more on TV dramas and the fashion realms, then Song Ji Hyo is more well known for her movies and variety show appearances. 

Lee Min Jung – Kim Min Jung

Both named Min Jung and both born in 1982, Lee Min Jung and Kim Min Jung maybe get new K-drama fans to struggle. Nevertheless, the two actresses boast quite the different auras the moment you get to know them, with Lee Min Jung being praised for her dream and innocent visuals, while Kim Min Jung flaunts sharper facial features. 

If Lee Min Jung often assumes the role of female protagonists, then Kim Min Jung often play the morally ambiguous second female leads, or even the villain. It seems that despite their similarities, the careers of these two actresses are world-apart. 

Kim Tae Hee – Kim Tae Ri

Born in 1980, Kim Tae Hee is considered an “undefeatable goddess” in the 2000s, while Kim Tae Ri was born 10 years later, and is a rising star with immense talents. Alongside their somewhat similar names, the two actresses also have visuals that match traditional Korean beauty standards, and exude a classy and elegant aura that feels like an old golden era. 

In terms of visuals, Kim Tae Hee is unrivaled. She isn’t dubbed a symbol of Korean beauty for no reason. However, when it comes to acting skills, Kim Tae Ri, despite her short career, is more appreciated than her senior. Kim Tae Hee is a CF queen among female celebrities, while Kim Tae Ri is called the muse of the Korean film industry. They are both gorgeous and successful. 

Lee Da Hae – Lee Da Hee

Their names are almost identical so it is easy for viewers to confuse Lee Da Hae with Lee Da Hee. Although they are only a year old apart, Lee Da Hae (1984) debuted earlier and it was when she already reached maturity in her career that Lee Da Hee (1985) started rising to fame. Not only are their names similar, these two actresses also resemble in looks as they both have graceful features and stunning physiques. 

Lee Da Hae was one of the most popular actresses in the 2000s. Having less of an impact than her senior, Lee Da Hee is more known for her second female lead and supporting roles. Although Lee Da Hae has been going on a hiatus from acting, her influence is still superior. 

Park Min Young – Park Bo Young

Park Min Young and Park Bo Young are both famous for their lovely appearances, solid acting skills, and gifted ability to spark convincing chemistry with every male co-star. The two are best known for their roles in romantic K-dramas and never disappoint viewers with their performances. Although their names are similar, they look different and are pretty in their own way. Park Bo Young is loved for her cute and petite visuals while Park Min Young is more on the mature and feminine side. 

Career wise, Park Min Young and Park Bo Young are somewhat equally successful and hold the same impact in the industry. The only difference is that Park Bo Young has not only hit works on the small screen but also in cinema, while Park Min Young has only achieved great success with TV series. 

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