Just the first week of their comeback, ITZY had to wear old clothes for 4 times!

The fact that JYP often saves too much with ITZY is too familiar. Since the group’s debut until now it has been 2 years but the situation has not gotten better.

Third time lucky, but until ITZY’s fourth comeback, the members still have to wear the same old clothes.

During the first week of ITZY’s comeback, everyone was extremely excited, looking forward to seeing the group’s wonderful stages. However, through each music show, ITZY only wore the same clothes in the MV, making the new performances less attractive and fresh.

Obviously it’s a new stage but it’s no different from the old scenes in the MV.

The same song performed continuously from stage to stage has somewhat brought boredom to the audience, only new clothes can make the performance more attractive, but JYP repeatedly let ITZY put on old clothes.

The fans kept complaining and JYP kept quiet.

Maybe because ITZY is still doing very good right now, JYP has no intention of investing more into them.

But looking at the current situation, ITZY has shown signs of slowing down on development even though they only debuted for nearly 2 years.

Compared to the first days of their debut, the group has not had a really outstanding achievement.

If JYP continues to act like this, not determined to promote ITZY more, it is very likely that ITZY will not only stand still, unable to go further but will even be indented back on the Kpop race.

Sources: k14

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