Jung Joon-young Spotted In France After Prison Release, “Flirted With Woman & Plans To Open Korean Restaurant”

Updates on the recent situation of "Burning Sun" perpetrator Jung Joon-young, who was recently released from prison, have been revealed

On July 8th, a witness of Jung Joon-young in Lyon, France spread widely in online communities. The released picture shows Jung Joon-young with long hair and a beard.

A, who shared the photo, said, “He flirted with a woman at the bar and asked for her Instagram account. He told her that he would open a Korean restaurant in Lyon”, adding “He introduced himself as a famous singer in Korea named ‘Jun’”. 

jung joon young

Although it is impossible to confirm whether the witness is credible or not, the post drew keen attention as it disclosed the recent status of Jung Joon-young. In fact, Jung Joon-young was actually preparing to open a restaurant in Paris, France back in 2018, but the opening was eventually canceled as the Burning Sun Scandal broke out and his controversial group chat was exposed.

Jung Joon-young was sentenced to five years in prions in the second trial in September 2020 on charges of group rape of women in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do in January 2016 and Daegu in March as well as distributing illegal videos 11 times in the so-called “Jung Joon-young’s Group Chat”.

jung joon young-thumbnai

After completing his five-year imprisonment, Jung Joon-young was released from Mokpo Prison in Jeollanam-do in March this year. Since his prison release, various rumors about his whereabouts including his preparation to immigrate abroad and music activities have been spreading on social media. Public criticism is expected to grow even more following the recent witness in France.

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