Joy shows off her alluring physique with a body tight dress in her fancam

This Red Velvet member is the sexy icon of her group thanks to her perfect body proportion.

Red Velvet recently released a flashmob video of their new song “Zimzalabim” where they danced with 500 people and famous creators like Na Haeun, Go Toe Kyung,…The video has received a huge number of view and like on Youtube. No sign of the bizarre outfits on stage, Red Velvet’s members shine in their daily fashion. Joy was in the center of attention for her leopard-print body tight dress.

Joy possesses a sexy and curvy body and is the sexy icon of Red Velvet. The body tight dress helps this SM beauty shows off her perfect body proportion. Many fans also compliment on her aura and dancing skill after seeing her fancam.

Red Velvet recently came back with “Zimzalabim”, however, the song wasn’t as successful as expected due to its unique melody and bizarre stage outfits. Netizens are saying that Red Velvet would have been more successful as a top girl group if they are invested in correctly. However, many fans also said that they love the distinct music which shows that this SM girl group is indeed a trendsetter.

Source: iOne

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