Jo Kwon (2AM) showed affection for high heels and revealed that he had never sprained his ankles when in heels

2AM Jo Kwon boasted his unchanging love for high heels.

2AM members appeared as transfer students on the recent broadcast of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” aired on January 15th to reveal many talks and show off their talents.

2AM Jo Kwon

After greeting Jo Kwon, Min Kyung-hoon asked, “Didn’t you appear on Mnet’s show ‘Street Woman Fighter’?”

2AM Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon said, “I performed with LACHICA. Simeez contacted me and said, ‘It would be better if Jo Kwon could join our high heels performance’.”

Then Hee-chul said, “I feel really uncomfortable whenever I wear high heels”, and praised Jo Kwon for his excellent dance performance in heels.

In response, Jo Kwon confidently said, “I did sprain my ankle even when wearing sneakers but I have never had a sprain when wearing high heels.

2AM Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon once appeared on KBS1’s “AM Plaza” and revealed his fashion philosophy. At that time, he said, “Gender is not important in fashion. I want to overcome those prejudices”.

In fact, Jo Kwon has shown his extraordinary love for high heels through various broadcasts and even on his personal SNS. Moreover, he also proudly showed off his unique interest in genderless fashion as he once wore flower shoes with hanbok.

2AM Jo Kwon

Moreover, Jo Kwon also drew attention by releasing a photo to certify that he personally learned the “Drag Makeup”, a makeup method that expresses one’s identity regardless of gender or gender identity.


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