Jisoo (BLACKPINK)’s acting debut: 14-second screentime, dies after 1 line?

BLINKs all over the world are feeling like they have been fooled by the “Arthdal Chronicles” producer.

With such a promising acting career even from predebut and a visual which is compared to “Miss Korea”, Kim Jisoo of BLACKPINK has finally debuted as a actress.

Jisoo’s first role is still a mystery in a blockbuster series starred Korean A-class actors such as Jang Dong Gun, Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won…This is why the member BLACKPINK is believed to play a supporting role and not just any cameo appearance in “Arthdal Chronicles”.

After a long wait, the episode where Jisoo finally appears is aired (episode 7). But the result for BLINKs after bringing Jisoo’s acting debut onto the Twitter’s worldwide trend is a role named Sae Narae with 14-second screentime next to song Joong Ki, only 1 line and ended with signs that her character is…dead?

With excitement, BLINKs even brought Jisoo’s acting debut onto Twitter’s #2 Worldwide Trending to support her
And this is what they received: 14-second screentime, 1 line only which is “Saya-nim…”
And proof that this character might have died due to the blood-stained bracelet that Song Joong Ki’s character has given her.

However, the drama is still very long with lots of episodes ahead. Who knows, maybe Jisoo’s character will have more screentime? What’s most important is that BLINKs will never lose hope in Jisoo and will never give up on her.

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