Jin’s international fans sent a protest truck demanding Big Hit Entertainment to treat the idol better

On August 21, BTS made a comeback with Dynamite, an extremely vibrant summer song inspired by disco music. This is the group’s first English song and it is receiving the love of fans worldwide, within just 4 days, Dynamite has reached 200 million views. 

However, some fans expressed dissatisfaction with Big Hit because they found that Jin, although the visual (face) of the group, has very short singing line and screen time in comparison with other members.

This discontent continued to grow when BTS released a B-side remix version of Dynamite on August 24. According to the fans, Jin’s singing part has been completely removed. Disgruntled fans criticized Big Hit trending hashtags “BTS is 7”, “Seokjin”, etc. on Twitter to request change, express their thoughts and show support for Jin.

Not stopping there, International Seokjinnies (Jin’s international fans) was so indignant that they sent a protest truck outside Big Hit Entertainment to ask the company to treat the idol better. This move has caused a controversy in ARMY community. Some ARMY showed their support for the truck by sharing a picture of it with hashtag #BigHitLetJinShine. Some said that this might make Jin feel awkward.

Sources: k14

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