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Ji Seok Jin, “After getting botox, I looked like crying even when I smiled… You need to get it properly”

Comedian Ji Seok Jin gave a warning about getting botox.

On April 8th, a video content titled “Fake life is just an excuse” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “DdeunDdeun”.

While having a deep talk with guests Ji Seok Jin, Hong Jin Kyung and Jo Se Ho, Yoo Jae Suk received a phone call from Kwang Hee. Kwang Hee was on the way to get treatment but he called Yoo Jae Suk just because he was in a good mood.


Yoo Jae Suk told Kwang Hee, “It seems that your pronunciation sounds weird because you’re wearing braces”. However, Kwang Hee said, “I’m going to receive treatment for my waist, not my teeth”, drawing laughter. Yoo Jae Suk then asked, “If you’re going to get waist treatment, then what’s wrong with your pronunciation? We all thought you were wearing braces”. Kwang Hee explained, “It’s still early in the morning”. Looking at the time of the phone call at 12:30, everyone complained, “Morning? You’re lying.”

As others continued to criticize his pronunciation, Kwang Hee finally revealed, “It’s because of botox…”, making everyone laugh hard.

Later, Ji Seok Jin said, “You need to get botox done properly”, adding, “A dermatologist I know told me that botox makes you look prettier but it hurts a lot. I don’t like that. Look at me. I don’t do anything to my face”. Hearing that, Yoo Jae Suk then exposed, “You did. You made your nose look smaller”. Ji Seok Jin reacted, “That was done 20 years ago. But there was actually no change.”


They continued talking about botox. Ji Seok Jin warned, “I tried getting botox once, but a week later, I looked sad even when I smiled. That’s why botox really has to be done well”, adding “I never get botox after then”.

However, Jo Se Ho said, “I met him at the hospital when I came to meet the dermatologist recently. I called him and he asked, ‘You also came to get treatment?’, then lied down”. Embarrassed by the sudden revelation, Ji Seok Jin smiled awkwardly and explained, “That was already 7 months ago. I haven’t touched it again since then.”

Source: Nate

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