Jeon So-mi bought a new house for her parents and opened a store at the age of 22

Jeon So-mi’s extraordinary filial piety has been revealed.

On Mnet’s ‘TMI SHOW‘, which was broadcast on March 16, Lee Jung and Jeon Somi‘s ‘filial piety flex’ was released and drew attention.

On this day, Lee Jung revealed that she had recently bought a car and a luxury coat for her parents, who sent them to the United States to study abroad as a child.

Jeon SomiTMI Show

In response to the MC‘s question, “What is Jeon So-mi’s filial piety?” Jeon So-mi surprised the viewers by saying, “I opened a store for my mother and father.”

Jeon SomiTMI Show

This was not the end. Jeon So-mi also drew attention by adding, “I bought them a house,” and explaining “Because I debuted at a young age.”

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