Jeon Ji Hyun’s younger version in ‘Legend of the Blue Sea‘ grew up to be even more stunning 

6 years since ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’, child actress Shin Eun Soo has blossomed into a gorgeous young girl. 

Born in 2002, Shin Eun Soo was among the most buzz-worthy child actors in Korea, having earned recognition after her first drama role in the hit series ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’. With her fairy-like aura and innocent charm, she looked just as remarkable as her senior Jeon Ji Hyun while playing the younger version of mermaid Se Hwa. 

Shin Eun-soo
Shin Eun-soo

‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ eventually became her perfect launch to stardom. Her agency, JYP Entertainment, has given her opportunities to work with famous production crews for both series and movies, including Bad Papa, SF8, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, as well as the upcoming series Bloody Heart. 

Now 20 years old, Shin Eun Soo has blossomed into a youthful and striking goddess, with a vibe that many people find unique and eye-catching. Even in daily life photos where she barely wears makeup, Shin Eun Soo stands out with cinema-like visuals, promising a bright future for her acting ventures. 

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