Jeon Do Yeon’s younger counterpart in “Crash Course in Romance” played a male juvenile offender in “Juvenile Justice”

tvN’s “Crash Course in Romance”, which has 2 episodes left until the end, broke its own highest rating with an average of 17% and a maximum of 18.9%.

The filmography of actress Lee Yeon, who played Jeon Do Yeon‘s childhood in “Crash Course in Romance“, draws attention.

Lee Yeon proved her stable acting skills by perfectly portraying the childhood of Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon) in the drama.

Crash Course in Romance

Viewers praised Lee Yeon’s acting skills and were surprised that she also appeared in Netflix’s drama “Juvenile Justice”.

Lee Yeon played Baek Seong Woo, a male juvenile offender.

Crash Course in Romance

At that time, Lee Yeon showed a great performance despite playing a male character.

Baek Seong Woo, who was on trial for murdering an elementary school student, laughed horrifically and told the judge (Kim Hye Soo), who hates juvenile offenders, “I heard that if you’re younger than 14, you won’t go to prison even if you kill someone. Is that true?”

In the last episode, she also showed a venomous expression with tattoos all over her body, raising viewers’ immersion level.

Crash Course in Romance

Even when “Juvenile Justice” aired, viewers were shocked to learn that the actor who played Baek Seong Woo was actually a woman and an adult.

Viewers are showing reactions such as “From her voice to her actions, she looks like a completely different person”, “Crazy acting skills”…

Meanwhile, Lee Yeon, who was born in 1995 and is 29 years old this year, will continue her connection with Jeon Do Yeon by appearing together in Netflix’s movie “Gil Bok-soon”.

Lee Yeon debuted through the 2018 movie “Anonymous”. She built her career by appearing in MBC’s “SF8”, KBS’ “Drama Special – My Teacher” and the movie “Take Me Home”.

Afterwards, she appeared as Jung Hae In’s younger sister in Netflix’s “D.P.”. She also played the role of Young Yi in Wavve’s “Weak Hero Class 1”.

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