Jennie (BLACKPINK) lost her fingernail at the fansign: “Where did it go?”

Jennie lost her pinky fingernail at a fansign event which was later found at an unexpected location.

On July 3rd, an online community posted a gif along with a fanaccount that Jennie had lost her fingernail during a fansign event.

The gif shows Jennie taking a close look at her fingernails during the fansign.

BLACKPINK photobook fansign event took place at Times Square in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul, on June 30th.

Jennie looked around as if she had lost something and asked Jisoo for help.

The two of them combed the neighborhood. Jennie’s missing item was identified to be a nail on her pinky finger.

According to the source, Jennie’s nail, which was still prettily stuck onto her pinky finger during the beginning of the fansign, suddenly disappeared at some point. Jennie, along with Jisoo, tried their best to search for her nail but didn’t find them.

But soon after that, Jennie’s nail was found in an unexpected place. According to a photo released by a fan, Jennie’s nail is stuck on top of a BLACKPINK photobook.

The whole story of Jennie’s lost nail has been revealed.

Jennie signed the photobook for a fan, and the nail got stuck on the cover without her knowledge. Even the aforementioned fan didn’t know about this fact until much later.

Eventually, this fan revealed the whereabouts of Jennie’s mysterious nail, which gave the netizens an unexpected laugh.

Source: Dispatch

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