Jay Park Almost Joined BIGBANG? T-ara’s Hyomin & Jeon Hyosung Were Candidates For Wonder Girls

BIGBANG’s Daesung gathered with Wonder Girls Yubin and Sunye to reveal behind-the-scenes stories about the two groups

On June 28th, Daesung’s YouTube channel “Zip Daesung” uploaded a video titled, “Oh My God! Is this Bang Girls?”, featuring the guest appearances of Wonder Girls members Sunye and Yubin.

Among various conversations they shared that day, Daesung mentioned MBTI and introduced himself as an I (introverted). He continued, “Jiyong is E”, adding “Both Jiyong and AKMU’s Chanhyuk are ENTP. Chanhyuk seized the opportunity and suggested, ‘How about we create a duo group called ENTP?’. Then he started presenting, like a briefing, about his plan. Everyone listened quietly, then CEO Yang Hyun-suk said, ‘Stop joking around and just eat your food’.”

The three also talked about their trainee days. JYP’s representative trainees were Sunye and Jo Kwon, while there were GD and Taeyang in YG. Regarding the rumor that Jay Park almost joined BIGBANG, Daesung said, “If he had joined, my position would have been in danger. It’s good that he didn’t join”.

Yubin said, “But I also joined Wonder Girls as a new member. When I joined ‘Tell Me’, there were candidates for my spot at that time. Hyomin and Hyosung”, revealing that JYP cast her when she was in another company. Yubin was a member of the legendary group Five Girls. 

Yubin ended up making her debut two weeks after being cast by JYP. When asked, “Was there any territorial behavior when you joined the team?”, Yubin said, “There was no territorial behavior, but I kind of felt like they were more experienced. I tried to fit into the team atmosphere.” 

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