ITZY’s comeback track is doing marvelously on digital charts

The current achievement of “ICY” is very impressive.

On July 29th, ITZY has had the first comeback of their career after their debut earlier this year with “DALLA DALLA”. The title track this time – “ICY”, is filled with summer vibe and also the first track written by Park Jin Young for them.

Right at 00:00, the highly-anticipated MV for “ICY” was finally released. It’s no surprise that the audience’s opinion is divided into 2 about this new song. Some complimented that this is a fresh and out-of-the-box track. Some show their disappointment, comparing “ICY” to a try-hard mess which reminds them of “Signal” (2017) – which was also a controversial song of Park Jin Young written for TWICE.

The divided opinions are making “ICY” digital result the center of attention.

After the mini-album was released on digital sites at 18:00 (KST), “ICY” immediately climbed to top positions on real-time digital charts: #6 Melon, #3 Genie, #4 Mnet, #1 Bugs, # 1 Naver, #10 Soribada, #10 FLO.

What’s worth notice is that “ICY” is rising stronger each time the charts are updated. At 20:30 (KST), “ICY” was at #4 Melon, #1 Genie, #4 Mnet, #1 Bugs, # 1 Naver, #1 Soribada, #8 FLO.


Have you taken a look at the MV for “ICY”? Will ITZY be able to rise higher during their promotion this time on weekly music stages?

Source: tinnhac

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