“It’s quite used already,” a government official put the hat BTS Jungkook actually wore for sale for “10 million won”

A government official who worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sold a hat worn by BTS Jungkook at an absurdly high price.

Recently, an all-time villain appeared on the used good trading platform “Bungaejangter,” drawing public outrage from netizens. The product they posted was a hat worn by BTS Jungkook at the price of 10 million won, which gets them embroiled in accusations that they are trying to take advantage of BTS’ fans to make excessive profits.

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They claimed they picked up the hat themselves and explained that they had it because BTS’ agency had not contacted them for six months to look for that hat. They said, “When BTS visited the passport division to make their diplomatic passports, Jungkook left his hat in the waiting space. The acquirer acquired ownership because there were no calls or visits for six months after we reporting the lost-n-found property,” they said, explaining why they had the hat.

In fact, according to the National Police Agency’s guidelines for handling acquired items, the acquirer can acquire ownership if the owner does not express their intention to retrieve the item after six months of storage. However, the seller is criticized for putting the hat for sale at a price several tens of times higher than the actual value of the product to exploit fans. However, Jungkook’s hat is causing more controversy because the owner’s identity is not unknown but clearly revealed already.

bts jungkook

“It’s a bucket hat that BTS Jungkook used himself, and it’s quite used,” they wrote, adding, “It’s an item that you can’t get even if you pay for it.”

“Since he is a world-famous singer, the value of his collection is expected to increase further,” they said. “I will not adjust the price. I think it will be worth more than the current price in the future.

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This person posted a message selling the product and even attached a photo of their official ID card at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, drawing more anger from fans. When fans complained about it, they said, “I do nothing against the law, which is why I don’t know what you’re reporting me for. I’ve already resigned,” they said, showing their irresponsibility. However, this account eventually deleted the post altogether after a series of criticisms.

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Netizens’ reactions to the story were divided. Those of the online community FM Korea were divided into responses such as, “If it is real that the acquirer will take ownership six months after reporting the loss, it is not theft,” and “How pathetic do you think fans are?”

bts jungkook

Netizens who believe there is no problem said, “Isn’t it okay if the acquirer can have the item six months after reporting the loss?” “What’s the problem with selling it?” and “It doesn’t matter if they had already reported it to the lost and found.”

On the other hand, netizens who believe that this is problematic said, “If you are a public official, doesn’t the right to these lost items belong to your public agency?” “Jungkook has to sell it himself for it to reach 10 million won, this guy doesn’t know the meaning of a premium,” “How pathetic do you think fans are?” they said, pointing out that it was a crime.

Source: Wikitree

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