“It’s not surprising anymore”, from Han Ga-in’s wrinkle-free beauty even after 22 years to her sexy brain

In “1 Night 2 Days”, Han Ga-in’s beauty from her school days to her heyday has been a hot topic throughout the episode.

Han Ga-in appeared on KBS 2TV’s “1 Night 2 Days” latest episode on April 17th. On this day, Ga-in appeared as a guest on “2 Days & 1 Night starring her husband Yeon Jung-hoon, revealing her bubbly and reversal charm. Han Ga-in showed an unusual desire to win in any game involving her meal, and she also showed a particularly serious attitude towards food.

Han Ga-in

Above all, in this episode, they released a news interview of Han Ga-in, which became a hot topic even before her debut, and Han Ga-in, who said that she was not cast at school, told the unexpected story that “My friends recommended me because I was pretty.”

Han Ga-in

Everyone then admired a video at “The Golden Bell Challenge” which was like a scene from a drama where Han Ga-in’s beautiful student days in high school were also revealed. Her beauty, as if made by computer CG, caught the attention of netizens. In particular, the cast conducted a “Golden Bell Challenge” to gain the chance to sleep indoors. Han Ga-in said, “I got 380 out of 400 for the SAT. I made a few mistakes,” proving that she also has a sexy brain aside from her gorgeous visual. In particular, as she started as the only one who answered correctly, all agreed that “Someone with experience in ‘Golden Bell’ is indeed different,” and admired her sexy brain.

Han Ga-in

On the other hand, Yeon Jeong-hoon even wrote down the program title making everyone laugh with his struggle. In the end, only Han Ga-in and DinDin could sleep indoors, and Han Ga-in even got a few answers in a row where she was the only correct one. Han Ga-in took first place, and everyone clapped, saying, “She’s amazing.”

Han Ga-in

On the other hand, Ga-in Han returned to the broadcast industry through the SBS entertainment program “Circle House, which first aired on February 24th. Before that, she had been inactive while raising her two children, but she had chosen an entertainment show as her comeback work. Like how her life has changed drastically after she became a mother of two, she returned to the entertainment industry and began to actively communicate with the public about her new appearance.

Han Ga-in

20 years after her debut, Han Ga-in is showing her own charm through her sincere and easygoing characteristics, her active speech, and her sense of entertainment, which results in warm support from the netizens for her.


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