Items in aespa members’ bags show us the feminine Karina and cute Winter

Just by going through their bags, we can clearly see the taste of each aespa member.

Although being in the same group, aespa members have very different tastes and styles. Just take a quick look at the bags they carry around every day, and you’ll see interesting differences in the personalities of each member.


As the visual that attracts fans to the group, Karina of course pays a lot of attention to her appearance. In her bag, there are 5-6 different lipsticks, most of which come from high-end brands such as YSL Beauty, Givenchy, Chanel, each worth about 50$. In addition, Karina also uses drugstore lipsticks like Peripera and Listerine mouthwash to freshen her breath.

NingNing seems to be less interested in beauty compared to Karina. Her stuff shows that she is a minimalist but not a careless one. In NingNing’s bag is a Givenchy and a YSL Beauty lipstick, along with a bottle of mineral water spray from Avene to keep her skin hydrated.

Giselle seems to be a chic girl who pursues the girl-crush concept as seen through her choice of the Stussy beanie. Unlike her teammates who bring a lot of cosmetics, Giselle cares about scent. She has mint candy, Listerine mouthwash and Jo Malone perfume.

Winter is definitely the carefree youngest member. She still doesn’t care too much about beauty products like Karina. In Winter’s bag, there are only 2 lip tints from PeriPera, some snacks, and a wallet from Coach. Why doesn’t she use products from Givenchy, of which she is currently the ambassador?

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