“If Yang Hyun-suk did take his artists to Japan to remove drug, he could be accused of criminal concealing”

Yang Hyun-suk is the former CEO of YG Entertainment. If the allegations regarding B.I turn out to be true, he might have to face criminal charges.

On the 15th, SBS reported that the South Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency said earlier about establishing a task force to investigate YG thoroughly.

Many YG celebrities have previously been embroiled in drug controversies such as G-Dragon, T.O.P, Park Bom, and music producer Kush.

Regarding the situation this time, Yang Hyun-suk said, “It’s shameful even if I just keep those words in my mouth, and those disgraceful words are spreading recklessly as if they are indeed the truth”.

“The link between those report of the press and the malicious comments will certainly be revealed through further investigation.”

However, according to the claim made by A who revealed the allegation of B.I, To calm the suspicions, Yang Hyun-suk had used force to change A’s testimony at the police in order to cover up the suspicion.

This could be seen as blackmail. Also, if the suspicion of him sending his agency’s artists to remove the drug substance from their body when the drug test is positive, then he will also be charged with criminal concealing.

A prosecution official said, “The crime of concealing a criminal is applicable if he or she has committed acts, such as forcing a third party to make false statements.”

A police official said, “The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission will set up a team, but we will be responsible and thorough.”

Sources: Dispatch

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