“I want to breathe”, Park Gyuri shows worrying reaction to “ex-lover controversy”

Park Gyuri, who is suffering from speculations as her ex-lover got involved in a cryptocurrency scam, confessed her complicated feelings.

On February 22nd, KARA member Park Gyuri posted a long article on her Instagram.

In particular, Park Gyuri said, “I wrote and erased it several times a day, all kinds of sentences repeatedly came to my head and disappeared. I’m writing this after seeing the headlines of the articles yesterday and today.

Park Gyuri

I have nothing to say. People around me comforted me that the situation would get better sooner or later. That’s what I used to think. There’s nothing else that can happen.

As if laughing at me, problems come every time the new year comes back, and everytime I write posts about them. Every time I appear on the title instead of him, I’m clicking on provocative article titles, where people are spouting empty sounds. I’m shutting my mouth and enduring everything for professional reasons.

When I just leave and breathe a little and try to live hard, something comes out and piles up again and I get caught up in it. When I barely recover and try to do something hard again, I get involved in something that explodes, so now I’m afraid to try something in life. If I did something wrong, I think my biggest mistake was not getting the relationship sorted out earlier.

Park Gyuri

I’m on my way to a Japanese fan meeting that has been scheduled for a long time. As stated in the official position, I don’t have anything to say, I am not involved, so I hope you don’t criticize me as if I am running away. Please comment with regards to the facts that have all been revealed. To be honest, I don’t want to do anything and have no motivation these days. 

Someone who would have done a real wrong in this situation must be living well in the background, but all these things are so unfair and frustrating. I want to breathe. I’m sorry to the fans and members, and I can’t leave at will now because I have things to do. Please help me so that I don’t lose my mind.”

In addition, Park Gyuri also posted a screenshot of several article titles on her Instagram story. Previously, some media reported pictures of Park Gyuri leaving for a scheduled fanmeeting in Japan, and put the keyword “ex-boyfriend” in the titles, which has nothing to do with the content.  Park Gyuri, who saw these, added a message saying, “It has been a while since we broke up… Everyone is bored. When can I get away from it?”

Park Gyuri

Meanwhile, fans who saw Park Gyuri’s post expressed their concerns and support. They also left comments such as, “Don’t worry. Cheer up”, “Hold on tight”, “Don’t forget that we are by your side”, “We always love and support you”, “Eat well and take care of your health”, “This too will all pass”, “I wish you happiness every day”, and “Never mind. I will support you”.

On the other hand, Park Gyuri was investigated by the police and prosecution as a witness last month when her former lover, who she broke up with in 2021, got involved in a recent art-related cryptocurrency fraud case.

Regarding this, Park Gyuri said through her agency that she was in a relationship with the suspect in the past and was in charge of curating for a related art gallery. However, all she did was give a statement as a reference to the investigation, and she has nothing to do with the suspect’s business. 

“We will cooperate as much as possible with the investigation”, Park Gyuri’s agency concluded. 

Source: wikitree

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