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“I met a 32-year-old man at the age of 19 and became pregnant”… Shocking “Teenage Parents” preview

Another troubled couple appears on “Teenage Parents”.

Recently, the production team of MBN’s “Teenage Parents” raised expectations for the main broadcast by releasing a preview about Jang So-hee, who became a mother after being pregnant during her third year of high school.

Jang So-hee, who turned 25 this year, was living with her 38-year-old husband Cha Sang-min.

The two, who are 13 years apart, were experiencing conflicts due to the generation gap.

The aged husband surprised viewers with his bossy aspect as he told Jang So-hee to do all the housework.

This seemed not to be a marital relationship, but a relationship with Cha Sang-min as the center.

Teenage Parents

Cha Sang-min laid on the sofa and ordered Jang So-hee to do housework.

The sight of Cha Sang-min pointing at something with his foot and instructing Jang So-hee to do housework while not budging an inch made even onlookers angry.

Teenage Parents

The problem was that Cha Sang-min did not understand Jang So-hee’s hardships at all.

He refused to acknowledge Jang So-hee’s efforts, saying, “The washing machine does the laundry, so why are you exhausted?”

MCs Haha and Park Mi-sun, who were watching this through VCR, expressed their displeasure at Cha Sang-min’s unanswered behaviors.

Teenage Parents

Episode 13 of “Teenage Parents”, which caused anger to MCs, will be available at 10:20 PM on August 30th.

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