“I-LAND 2” Debut Group Name Criticized: Similar to IZ*ONE + Controversial Anagram 

The official name of the debut girl group from “I-LAND 2” is receiving criticism from netizens for several reasons. 

On July 4, the survival idol program “I-LAND 2” finally came to an end, and the debut group that hailed from the show is revealed to be named “izna”. 

i land 2

Upon the debut group name announcement, many netizens were excited and called the name unique and pretty. However, others criticize the name for bearing strong resemblances to IZ*ONE – another girl group from idol survival show “Produce 48”. 

In fact, under a topic about “I-LAND 2” debut group name, various comments mentioning IZ*ONE appeared, such as, “Looks like IZ*ONE”, “I miss IZ*ONE..”, and “I miss IZ*ONE..”. 


Some also find the name to sound “too Japanese”, and others said the name to remind them of Suzy’s character Lee Doona from the Netflix series “Doona!”.

However, on the international side, criticisms were way more severe, as people pointed out that the letters in “izna” can be rearranged to form the controversial anagram of “n*zi”. 

So far, Tweets calling out this face have reached hundreds of thousands of views.

Source: Krb, X

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