HyunA is suspected of using lip filler after her latest appearance at the airport

The female artist looked very different.

In the morning of July 5th, HyunA appeared at the 2nd terminal of Incheon International Airport to fly to Taiwan for a schedule.

The female star was wearing a sexy bodytight mint dress with a neon pink bag on her hand, continuously waved to the fans and reporters.

However, what attracts the most attention from the Korean netizens, was her unfamiliar photos on articles. She seems very different from before with a much more swollen and fuller lips, which might be the result of using lip filler – a kind of cosmetic surgery.

Why are her lips like that?”; “Look at HyunA’s lips? She reminds me of the foreigner celebrities who always gain weight on their lips but never on their body”; “Am I the only thinking that HyunA’s outer appearance is getting weirder?”; “This is definitely filler”; “This is not the face that I used to know”;…

Older photos of HyunA are also thrown back to compare her swollen lips to her normal ones in the past.

Source: tinnhac

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