Hyun Bin is a fool for his son but also the coolest when he works, “The Point Man” still cuts revealed

Still cuts of Hyun Bin working hard on his main job as an actor are recently released by the team of “The Point Man”.

The movie “The Point Man” depicts a negotiation operation of a diplomat and a local NIS agent who went to Afghanistan to save Koreans who were kidnapped by the Taliban.

The released still cuts capture the images of “Jae Ho” (Hwang Jung Min), “Dae Sik” (Hyun Bin), and “Kasim” (Kang Ki Young) doing their jobs in their respective ways.

Hyun Bin

Jae Ho, a capable diplomat and negotiator, can be seen agonizing in his local office after he was sent to Afghanistan where everything is unfamiliar for him, raising questions about whether he will be able to stick to his principles to the end to negotiate with such an unpredictable terrorist group. On the other hand, Dae Sik was trying to find a way to save the hostages by digging through Afghanistan, where danger lurks everywhere. He is trying to solve the situation in his own way as a veteran Middle East and Central Asia NIS agent.

Hyun Bin

In addition, the still cut of Kasim, who stands with a desperate look between the Taliban with a gun, stirs up the curiosity about what kind of performance he will show in a dangerous situation where he is the only interpreter in the region.

Although their methods and roles are different, their struggles toward a single purpose of saving the hostages can be seen on “The Point Man,” which will be released on Jan 18th.

Source: Herald POP

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