Hwang In-youp to hold first offline fan meeting to commemorate 4th debut anniversary… Sincere talks → Warm performances

Actor Hwang In-youp will hold his first offline fan meeting to commemorate his 4th debut anniversary.

On June 27th, the agency KeyEast announced, “Hwang In-youp will hold the ‘2022 HWANG IN YOUP 1st Fan Meeting In Seoul’. He plans to start a full-fledged Asian tour fan meeting in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and more, starting with the fan meeting in Seoul.”

Hwang in youp

The Seoul fan meeting, which will be held on July 24th, is the first offline fan meeting to be held in about a year since the on-tact fan meeting in July 2021. Hwang In-youp‘s affection for fans can be seen at the first offline fan meeting, such as taking photos & videos with a new concept exclusively for the fan club HIYILY and making efforts to build long-lasting memories with fans.

hwang in yeop why her

In addition, in order to repay the support and love he received from fans, Hwang In-youp actively reflects the opinion that he wants to approach fans casually as “human Hwang In-youp” rather than “actor Hwang In-youp“. He is expected to satisfy fans’ five senses with sincere talks as well as various warm performances that have never been seen before.

Hwang In Yeop

Hwang In-youp’s first fan meeting will be held offline at the Grand Theater of Donghae Arts Center, Kwangwoon University on July 24th. Tickets can be purchased through YES24 at 8 PM on July 1st. Detailed information about the fan meeting can be found through the host company Applewood Creative’s SNS.

Meanwhile, Hwang In-youp plays law school student Gong Chan in SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her“.

hwang in yeop why her

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