How to become idols of JYP, YG and SM

According to Mydaily, JYP, YG, and SM have their own criteria in the selection of idol singers.

JYP Entertainment: On September 1, Mydaily had an article about entertainment companies’ standards for choosing idols. Park Jin Young has shared in the past that he tends to look for healthy, well-mannered people when selecting people to join his company. Park Jin Young said “Whether it be men or women, I like those who are healthy. Even if your singing skills and dancing skills are great, I can’t help them if they’re not bright, pure, and healthy.”

Park Jin Young also tries to find artists who have both the skills and personality. He does this because he wants his artists to be happy during their careers. Park Jin Young continued: “Between skill and personality, if someone is lacking one of the two, I will help them to gain both. But my dream is to find artists who have both qualities. Making money is important, but you need to be able to be happy while doing so.”

YG Entertainment: For Yang Hyun Suk, YG always prioritized music talents over anything else. He said “To prioritize it, the ranking goes as someone talented, someone who works hard, and someone who’s nice.” 

Yang Hyun Suk also looked for people who were passionate about their careers. He continued “If you really want to do your best until the end, and are excited about the time you spent for music, you can come to YG.”

SM Entertainment: It seems that SM Entertainment values those who are talented, as well as those who learn from their mistakes. According to Mydaily, a former trainee shared that SM Entertainment has extreme standards and that trainees get severely punished if they make even the simplest mistake. The trainee revealed “If you’re late or go against the rules you have to sing while running around the practice room 10 times.”

The trainee added: “If you do anything wrong, you write about what you did wrong and you aren’t allowed to practice until you can clearly state what you did wrong.” Besides, idols from SM Entertainment are also known for their visuals, easily impress the public at first sight.

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