How hot is the JYP Japanese girlgroup – NiziU, the first MV reached 100 million views in just 2 months?

Facing many objections from Knet, many people thought that NizU would have trouble debuting, but their first achievements showed the opposite. Along with the tensions related to complicated political issues between Korea and Japan, the entertainment world is also affected a lot, the ones facing the most mixed opinions are the Japanese idols operating in Korea.

The fact that JYP – a top Korean entertainment company suddenly created a Japanese girl group named NiziU through the survival show Nizi Project made Knet “confused”, is this called a Kpop idol group? Therefore, NiziU suffered a lot of “gossips” and was boycotted by a part of Knet. Many people thought that NiziU would have trouble debuting, but their first achievements after the release of the MV Make You Happy surpassed the imagination of many fans.

Specifically, Make You Happy has officially reached 100 million views after just 2 months of release, for a foreign girlgroup that has not debuted and widely promoted like NiziU, this is an amazing achievement. 

NiziU is JYP’s first Japanese girl group consisting of 9 members, 8 members have Japanese nationality: Yamaguchi Mako, Oe Riku, Yokoi Rima, Hanabishi Rio, Katsumura Maya, Suzuno Mihii, Oguo Mayuka, Arai Ayaka and 1 member with American-Japanese nationality is Hillman Nina. JYP CEO revealed on Radio Star that Japan is just the “stepping stone” for NiziU to break into the worldwide market, which means the girls will not be limited to a certain music market, but will operate in Japan, Korea and internationally.

Before that, NiziU also had a very impressive achievement on the Oricon Japan chart when Make You Happy became the song that completely occupied the first position of the 3 charts of Digital Album, Digital Single and Streaming. Most notably, this is just the song that paved the way for the debut in the fall of this year, with a series of extremely positive achievements, promising the plan to use Japan as a “stepping stone” to bring NiziU into the world of JYP is very likely to be successful.

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