The camera zooms in too closely: How does IVE’s youngest member Leeseo handle to get 1.6 million views after 20 hours?

Leeseo’s skillful handling received much attention for being so cute.

One of the most interested rookie groups at the moment is IVE. Aside from the popularity of 2 former IZ*ONE members Wonyoung and Yujin, IVE’s highly-rated visual lineup and young age are also impressive.

Recently, a clip summarizing Leeseo (IVE’s youngest member, born in 2007)’s outstanding moments on stage has attracted 1.6 million views on YouTube after 20 hours.

Specifically, on the stage of performing the song ELEVEN at Inkigayo, the camera zoomed in on the maknae Leeseo’s face.  It was thought that this situation might make it difficult for Leeseo, but IVE’s 2007 maknae handled it very skillfully.  She confidently poses in front of the camera, both professional and cute.

IVE Leeseo camera
Leeseo poses confidently in front of the camera
IVE Leeseo camera
The maknae of IVE is both professional and cute
IVE Leeseo camera
That’s why the clip has reached 1.6 million views after only 20 hours 

Fans are also amazed by Leeseo’s cute moments:

  • Leeseo is so cute.
  •  I burst out laughing at this cuteness.
  • Leeseo’s onstage charisma is really better than I thought at first.
IVE Leeseo camera

Rookie IVE is getting a lot of attention and is expected to become a leading girl group in the future

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