How does Hyeri feel about being complimented as “looking like a real couple” with her acting partners every time? 

Hyeri, a member of the idol group Girls’ Day and an actress, expressed her satisfaction with the title “Chemistry Fairy.”  

On Feb 21st, WikiTree got the chance to meet Hyeri through a video interview before the end of the KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama “Moonshine”.

On this day, Hyeri expressed she was so happy to be able to participate in “Moonshine.” “I am grateful that the happy moments seem to be contained in the drama. I miss the actors and staff who have worked so hard together,” she said.

Hyeri Chemistry Fairy

Moonshine,” which ended on Feb 22nd, is a romance drama between a smuggler woman tries to change her life by making alcohol and an inspector who always follows the rules to crack down on smugglers in the era of the strongest alcohol prohibition in Korean history. In the drama, Hye-ri played the role of Kang Ro-seo, a poor aristocrat family’s daughter who illegally brewed alcohol in the era of strict alcohol prohibition.

Hyeri said, “The synchronization between me and my role is 80%. This character has similar values as mine. I have many things in common with the character I played, such as being curious about why something is forbidden, being honest when dealing with something, and cherishing every relationship,” she said. As for the differences, Hyeri said Ro-seo was a friend who actually does what she thinks while she was more like a person who stayed still.

Hyeri Chemistry Fairy

Hyeri started her acting career through SBS drama “Tasty Life” in 2012, and has since been loved for her appearance in various dramas such as “Reply 1988”, “Entertainer”, “Two Cops”, “Miss Lee”, “My Roommate is a Gumiho”, “Monstrum”, and “My Punch-Drunk Boxer”.

In particular, her appearance in each work is always said to be “like a real lover” with her acting partners. Hyeri has been in a public relationship with actor Ryu Joon-yeol since 2017. What is the strength that got her the title “Chemistry Fairy,” which was given to her after seeing her unique chemistry with her acting partners even though she already has a boyfriend?

Hyeri Chemistry Fairy

Hyeri replied, “I think not being shy was a big factor. I think I should actually be curious about their characters and talk to them a lot to show the atmosphere on the screen. So I had a lot of questions about Nam-young (name of Yoo Seung-ho’s character) and Yoo Seung-ho while filming ‘Moonshine’”, she explained.

In the meantime, Hyeri said, “I like the word ‘Chemistry Fairy’. It’s a title that I really want to keep hearing. Being able to create chemistry seems to mean that I have expressed my character well, so it’s a good thing to hear,” she expressed how satisfied she was with the title.

Hyeri Chemistry Fairy
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