HOT: BLACKPINK has officially surpassed BTS to become #1 in Korea on Youtube!

BLACKPINK’s fast pace has help the 4 girls to become the most subscribed name on Korean Youtube!

For quite some time, BLACKPINK was still holding the title of the most subscribed personal channel in South Korea but as a whole, the 4 YG girls was still behind the official channel of Big Hit Entertainment (ibighit). However, after a long stressing time of chasing each other, the crown has found its owner!

BLACKPINK and BTS – who will rule the South Korean YouTube?

According to the newest database updated at 11h35, June 1st, 2019 (KST), BLACKPINK has surpassed ibighit to become the most subscribed YouTube channel in South Korea! Specifically, BLACKPINK currently has 26.244.341 subscriber while Big Hit Entertainment has 26.244.312. With the girls’ current growing speed, the gap is predicted to be even wider.

BLACKPINK officially becomes the Queens of Korean Youtube with 26.244.341 subscribers.
Big Hit Entertainment is in #2 with 26.244.312 subscribers

This event has put an end to Big Hit Entertainment’s reign on the Korean YouTube while bringing BLACKPINK into the top 5 YouTube channel with the most subscriber of female artists.

Top 10 K-Pop related channel with the most subscribers

  1. BLACKPINK – 26.244.341 subscribers
  2. ibighit – 26.244.312 subscribers
  3. BANGTANTV – 19.051.905 subscribers
  4. SMTOWN – 18.894.292 subscribers
  5. 1theK – 16.839.804 subscribers
  6. jypentertainment – 12.934.605 subscribers
  7. officialpsy – 12.865.718 subscribers
  8. BIGBANG – 11.300.824 subscribers
  9. Mnet K-POP – 11.184.342 subscribers
  10. MBCkpop – 6.890.542 subscribers

What’s worth notice is that ibighit YouTube channel also includes videos of all artists of Big Hit Entertainment, the most well-known being BTS and TXT, while BLACKPINK’s channel only has videos of the 4 girls. Even though their channels are younger than 8 years, but BLACKPINK still has 6,3 billion views on this video platform. ibighit is less with only 6 billion views even though the channel has been established since 2008.

The view count of the top 2 Korean YouTube channel is quite different depsite the 8 years gap.
Top 50 most subscribed K-Pop channel in Korea

Source: Kenh14

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