“Hong Kim Dong-jeon” PD talks about upcoming guest BTS Jimin, “He has a great personality and good sense of humor. We’ve become his fans”

According to KBS2’s “Hong Kim Dong-jeon” on March 17th, BTS member Jimin participated in the recent recording on the 10th. The episode with Jimin’s appearance is scheduled to air on the 30th.

In this regard, PD Park In Seok expressed his gratitude in a phone call with Maeil Business Star Today, saying “We consistently made casting offers, and it was around the time BTS Jimin was preparing for his solo activities when he said he enjoyed watching ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’. As a result, he decided to appear on the show to also promote his solo release.”


Jimin will release his first solo album “FACE” on the 24th. Expectations are high for the performance of Jimin when challenging a variety show alone for the first time.

PD Park commented, “Jimin had not done many variety shows before, so he was very worried during our meeting before the recording. However, it turned out that he is very quick-witted and has a good sense of humor, so we did have a fun shoot. Jimin also said he enjoyed the shoot”, pouring compliments on Jimin’s entertainment skills.

He continued, “At first, Jimin was quite nervous about doing a variety show without BTS members. He later became accustomed to the atmosphere of the shoot since he had already met Jo Se Ho on another show, and ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ members also led him comfortably.”

Regarding the reactions of “Hong Kim Dong-jeon” members to Jimin’s appearance, PD Park explained, “The members didn’t know that Jimin was going to come out on the show, so they were very shocked and happy to see the surprise guest. The members have always been working hard, but they worked even harder this time.”


He continued to praise Jimin, saying “After meeting Jimin in person, the production staff became his fans. If you’re a Korean, you can’t help but be proud of BTS, right? Actually meeting him in real life, we could feel that he’s an amazing artist and he has a great personality. He even told us to feel free and not be nervous when being around him”

Lastly, the PD said, “Please look forward to the special episode featuring Jimin’s appearance”, raising fans’ expectations for the official broadcast. 

“Hong Kim Dong-jeon” airs every Thursday at 8:30 p.m.

Source: Daum

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