Here’s how the zombies in “Peninsula” survived for 4 years after “Train to Busan” 

This is a question asked by many viewers after watching “Peninsula”. 

The 2020 film “Peninsula”, which is set in the same universe as the 2016 box office hit “Train to Busan”, unveils the aftermath of a dreadful zombie apocalypse that wrecked the Korean peninsula. The timeline of “Peninsula” is 4 years after the events of “Train to Busan”.  

In response to the question of what the zombies ate during those four years, the director of “Peninsula” suggested several hypotheses.

When there were no more people left to eat, a theory is that zombies eat zombies. An additional theory is that they somehow managed to find survivors and endured four years by eating only humans.

Another interesting hypothesis is that zombies eat flesh not to gain energy like humans. The zombies in “Peninsula” were created through a leak at a biological factory that started an infectious virus. Like the original Voodoo zombies, there is a setting where they cannibalize for magical reasons.

In order to portray this temporal background and the characteristics of zombies in such a setting, the majority of actors who were cast to play zombies were skinny.

Source: daum

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