‘Hanteo Music Awards 2022’ winners: BTS, NCT DREAM and Stray Kids won Grand Prizes

BTS, NCT DREAM and Stray Kids were awarded Grand Prizes (Daesang) at the 30th Anniversary Hanteo Music Awards 2022.

30th Anniversary Hanteo Music Awards 2022 was held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, Seoul on February 11th.

Be’O won ‘Hanteo Music Awards’ Special Awards in the Hip-hop category. Receiving the trophy, he shared, “Thank you for giving me such an honorable award. I will work harder and run harder this year.” Choi Ye Na, who was named for the Trend Wannabe Icon Award, expressed her feelings, saying “I appreciate everything who likes my song and my performances. This award is like an encouragement to me and I will work harder”.


Young Tak was honored with Bonsang. He said, “I would like to thank my fans for allowing me to stand in such a special place today and people who support me from various places. As a musician, I will continue to make good music”, adding “I’m also working hard as an actor in an upcoming drama called ‘Strong Woman Gang Nam Soon’. I hope you can support me a lot.”

Young Tak

On behalf of NCT DREAM, another Bonsang winner, member Jaemin said, “We’ve received many awards from last year to this year, and I can feel the great power of NCTzens. We will always appear in front of you with pretty and cute appearances. Most importantly, remember to eat well”. Renjun added, “We will show you better performances in 2023. NCTzens around the world, please wait for us.”

NCT Dream

NCT DREAM also had a short interview with MC Eugene. Eugeun mentioned the group’s remake song “Candy” (originally by H.O.T) and asked whether they wanted to do another remake. In response, Haechan said, “I think we can do ‘I’m Your Boy’ version of S.E.S’s ‘I’m Your Girl’”. When asked if they would like to travel somewhere during the breaks of their world tour, Jaemin said, “Rather than a trip, we want to gather as a whole group and share talks”, boasting about their extraordinary friendship.

Hanteo Music Awards announced Daesang winners for 4 categories: Best Artist, Best Song, Best Album, and Best Performance. Best Artist and Best Song went to BTS. Stray Kids won Best Performance while NCT DREAM received Best Album.

NCT Dream

NCT DREAM took the stage and gave their acceptance speech for Best Album. Leader Mark said, “I want to thank so many people. First of all, I’m grateful to have the six members with me. We will work harder together to become better singers and a greater team to achieve many things in the future. We want to thank our SM staff and most importantly, our fans NCTzens. We have you and we can do everything”. Haechan added, “Every time we release an album, we always want to prepare it for you all as a gift with our gratitude. Thankfully, we even received a big award. We still have a long way to go, and you will be with us, right? Please continue to support NCT DREAM”, expressing his affection for global fans.

CIX openly explained the rumors of bullying and ostracism of Bae Jin-young. Previously, in a video of CIX’s European tour held last month, when Bae Jin-young spoke, some fans were caught chanting other members’ names or throwing water buckets, raising the ‘Bae Jin-young being bullied rumor’. In particular, a video of a CIX member joking in a personal interview, “I will use Bae Jin-young as a meat shield in case of a zombie incident”, further strengthened her. “Bae Jin-young bullying theory”.


But this was untrue. C9 Entertainment, the agency, refuted, saying, “We confirmed the facts with all the people who participated in the tour, and this is also not true at all, and they are spreading false facts without any evidence in this regard.”

In addition, the company posted a non-edited video of the performance in question, saying, “We tried to deliver facts that can be directly checked with the eyes rather than the position by posting false information that is being distributed. We will file a civil and criminal lawsuit against the audience who maliciously edited and distributed the video,” he said.

Since then, CIX members have never clarified it in public, but when CIX received the ‘Post Generation Award’ trophy at the ‘Hanteo Music Awards’ on the 11th, they mentioned ‘Bae Jin-young being bullied’ as their acceptance speech. On this day, CIX said, “We are really good. We are friends who are running towards one dream. We would be grateful if you would give us a lot of interest.”

Below is the list of winners of the ‘Hanteo Music Awards’.

  • Best Artist: BTS
  • Best Song: BTS
  • Best Album: NCT DREAM
  • Best Performance: Stray Kids
  • Bonsang: Youngtak, Lim Youngwoong, (G)I-DLE, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, NCT DREAM, BTS, Ive, ENHYPEN
  • WhosFandom Award: ARMY BTS
  • Rookie of the Year Award: TNX, Tempest, Kepler, New Jeans
  • Global Rising Artist in Japan: TEMPEST, Stray Kids
  • Global Rising Artist in China: TEMPEST, SF9
  • Global Artist all the continents: BTS
  • Global Artist in North America: Dreamcatcher
  • Global Artist In Asia: TXT
  • Global Artist in South America: BLACKPINK
  • Global Artist in Africa: Jin
  • Global Artist in Oceania: MONSTA X
  • Global Artist in Europe: The boyz
  • Emerging Artist Award: EPEX, P1 Harmony
  • Post Generation Award: Fromis_9, CIX
  • Blooming Star Award: Cignature
  • Trend Wannabe Icon: Yena Choi
  • Special Award Hip-Hop: BE’O

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