Han Ji-min once drove a supporting actress with a burn on her face to the hospital while the staff were worried about the shoot

A heartwarming story through which we can feel Han Ji-min’s good personality was revealed.

On July 1st, an online community article became a hot topic as it contains a message praising Han Ji-min for helping a supporting cast. 

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The article’s poster A said that Han Ji-min saved the life of their sister B. A said, “B went to a local filming site to play a supporting role in the drama ‘Yisan’”, adding, “B had been filming for a month and she couldn’t sleep well. That’s why she dozed off while standing in front of the fire. B fell to the front and got a severe burn on her face.”

Song Hye Kyo Han Ji Min

Unfortunately, B played a very small role so none of the people on the filming set cared for her. When the producer said “An extra is out. Who am I going to replace this person with?” as he was worried about the shoot, Han Ji-min had a different attitude.

Han Ji-min, who noticed the wound on B’s face, asked “What’s wrong with your face?”. Shen got angry and told the staff, “Is filming more important than this? First of all, you should go to the hospital”.  

Song Hye Kyo Han Ji Min

In fact, Han Ji-min personally drove B to a hospital specializing in burns in Seoul. Later, she even took out some money from her wallet and asked B to pay for the taxi fees. 

When B promised to pay back the money after receiving their salary, Han Ji-min said, “I gave it to you because I’m older than you. In the future, when you earn money more than me, pay me back then”. It is known that the actress cared for B until the end. After that day, Han Ji-min contacted B consistently to see if she was receiving treatment well.

Han Ji-min

A said, “What a warm and kind-hearted person she is. My whole family is thankful to Han Ji-min. If it had not been for Han Ji-min, my sister would have lived her entire life with a big and ugly scar on her face. I want to bow my head and thank her once again”, expressing their belated appreciation to Han Ji-min.

Han Ji-min

Meanwhile, Han Ji-min has been so well-known in the entertainment industry for her good personality. An old friend from the same school as Han Ji-min also revealed that the actress took care of a disabled friend, who was ignored by everyone, by herself. In fact, Han Ji-min, who enjoys helping others, studied Social Welfare at Seoul Women’s University and has participated in many volunteer events. 

Source: insight

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