Han Ji Min and Down Syndrome actress Jung Eun Hye, “beautiful friendship” continues

Actress Han Ji Min continues her special friendship with Jung Eun Hye, an actress-painter with developmental disabilities, creating warmth.

On June 21st, Han Ji Min said through her personal channel, “I’d like to ask for your attention to the ‘2023 聯: Connecting Live’ exhibition by painters with developmental disabilities~ All proceeds will be donated to the Yangpyeong branch of the Gyeonggi Parents’ Solidarity for the Disabled.” The exhibition promoted by Han Ji Min is “2023 聯: Connecting Live”, an exhibition for 23 artists with developmental disabilities.

Han Ji-min Jung Eun-hye

Han Ji Min and Jung Eun Hye have been in a steady relationship since they acted as twin sisters in tvN’s drama “Our Blues”. In particular, Han Ji Min enthusiastically supports Jung Eun Hye, who is working as a painter. Jung Eun Hye, who has the title of “The first Down Syndrome actress in a Korean drama”, continues to be active in various fields, such as holding solo exhibitions as a painter and publishing books. Han Ji Min not only visits Jung Eun Hye’s solo exhibitions every time but also actively promotes them.

When Han Ji Min appeared on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” last year, she talked about Jung Eun Hye, “Like Young Hee in the drama, that friend suffered from schizophrenia and had a hard time. I was impressed that she actually drew 4,000 faces. In the drama, I should have shed tears at the end after seeing her painting, but I cried from the beginning, so I had to film the crying scene first.”

Han Ji-min Jung Eun-hye

Han Ji Min confessed, “I guess I was biased too. There’s such a friend among my distant relatives. It’s difficult for them to interact with people and they’re sensitive to eye contact or emotional control. I was worried about how this friend would adapt on set. There were a lot of lines, so I didn’t think it’d be possible. Eun Hye was able to do well like a pro since we embraced her with love and helped her little by little. Eun Hye did a good job, so that episode was successful. It was touching to see this friend interacting harmoniously with people on set, making eye contact and sometimes scolding me. I wanted to do well because I thought this drama would give courage and hope to friends with developmental disabilities. Meeting Young Hee was a miracle.

Source: Daum

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