Han Ji Hyun reveals she gained 5 kg after “Penthouse” but lost them all with “Cheer Up”

Han Ji Hyun lost weight while filming SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Cheer Up”.

Actress Han Ji Hyun from SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Cheer Up” recently had an interview with Daum in Seoul. Han Ji Hyun plays Do Hae Yi, a cheerleader at Yonhee University. She is a poor but bright and cheerful freshman.

Han Ji-hyun

When asked about the process of learning the cheering choreography, Han Ji Hyun said, “It was difficult. At first, when everyone got together, it was awkward. Later, we became close while practicing. We laughed when someone made a mistake, and someone made a mistake on stage would buy coffee. It remains as a big memory. I had a hard time at that moment, but I miss that now.”

Han Ji Hyun continued, “I lost weight too. In the first episode, I look chubby, but in the second half, my weight loss is visible. Before ‘Cheer Up’, after ‘Penthouse’ was over, I was afraid that I was too skinny, so I gained 4 to 5 kg. But I lost weight again while filming ‘Cheer Up’.” 

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She added, “I was originally the type to not gain weight, so I ate a lot and exercised to gain weight. However, I lost weight as I filmed ‘Cheer Up’ from morning until the end.”

Han Ji Hyun said she thought, “I don’t seem to have any talent for dancing” while filming cheerleading scenes. But she added, “I’m the kind of person who enjoys attention more than I thought. It was fun when I went up on stage. ‘What if I become an idol?’ I felt that way. It was a new experience.” 

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There are many scenes where Do Hae Yi eats cream bread.  Han Ji Hyun said, “Every time Hae Yi ate, there was cream bread. There were a lot of them, so I ate about 20 at a time. It was difficult because there were so many scenes of eating. Cream bread felt greasy after eating. There was bread and ramen. When it comes to scenes where everyone gathers together, Hae Yi always picks up something to eat. The director later changed it to red bean bread.” 

“Cheer Up” is a coming-of-age drama that depicts the story of young people gathered in the cheering squad of Yeonhee University, where the glorious history of 50 years of tradition is overshadowed. It ended with a 2.2% viewership rating on December 13th.

Source: Daum

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