Han Ji Hyun and Bae In Hyuk talked about their first kiss scene and chemistry in “Cheer Up”

Actress Han Ji Hyun confessed frankly about her first kiss scene with Bae In Hyuk in the drama “Cheer Up”.

On the afternoon of Dec 15th, actress Han Ji Hyun talked about various things related to the SBS drama “Cheer Up” at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Han Ji-hyun

“Cheer Up,” which ended on Dec 13th, is a campus mystery romantic comedy about young students in a failing university cheering squad that is still holding onto its brilliant history. In the drama, Han Ji Hyun plays Do Hae Yi, a new member of the Yeonhui University cheering squad. Do Hae Yi formed a love triangle with Park Jung Woo (Bae In Hyuk) and Jin Sun Ho (Kim Hyun Jin) in the drama, and eventually becomes Park Jung Woo’s girlfriend with a happy ending.

Han Ji-hyun Bae In-hyuk Cheer Up

Han Ji Hyun talked about her kiss scene with Bae In Hyuk in the drama, saying, “First of all, I was embarrassed about the kiss scene, how should I say this? The person I did it with had no feeling for me then,” adding, “I didn’t have any personal feelings with In Hyuk then, how should I talk about my kiss with him? I think it’s a very funny situation. But I think it was a fun experience in its own way. It was fun because I thought it was a perfect experience for a female lead of a romantic series,” she said honestly.

Han Ji-hyun Bae In-hyuk Cheer Up

“We even filmed a kiss scene on a rainy day, and Bae In Hyuk caught a cold. But I was fine. Only him caught a cold,” she laughingly said. “Do you know what’s funnier? I got caught in the rain more in that scene. Bae In Hyuk was even holding an umbrella. I wonder why he caught a cold,” she added.

However, she also worried about Bae In Hyuk’s condition then, saying, “We had to go down to Busan the next day to film, but he probably had pretty serious body ache at that time.”

Han Ji-hyun

Han Ji Hyun added, “I always dress warmly and bundle myself up. I’m a person who always cares about my body by wearing insulated undies under my clothes. I hate the cold so much that I always wear warm clothes underneath,” she confessed.

Han also expressed her respect for actress Jang Young Nam, who plays Do Hae Y’s mother, Sung Chun Yang. She said, “I learned a lot from her, and she took care of me a lot during filming. She took care of me so well that I even thought she was my mother,” Han expressed her gratitude.

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