Han Ga In, “I didn’t take my friends home because I was afraid that they would know that I lived in a house full of briquettes”

Han Ga In recalled her childhood days.

Actress Han Ga In and comedian Shin Dong Yeop recalled their past on the recent broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment program “Day Without Hands”, which aired on the evening of January 20th.

When asked, “Have you ever invited a friend to your house?”, Shin Dong Yeop told his past story, saying “When I was in elementary school, my grandfather had Alzheimer’s, so the house was a little smelly.”

Day Without Hands

He continued, “It smelled bad because my grandfather was there all the time. I was already used to it, but my friend felt a little uncomfortable with it. So I told that friend, ‘You may feel uncomfortable now, but it will be better in about 5 minutes’. My friend quickly got accustomed to the smell, and I found it amazing.”

Han Ga In also recalled her childhood story and said, “I’ve never invited friends to my house”, drawing curiosity.

Day Without Hands

She honestly confessed, “My family moved to Eunpyeong-gu when I was 10 years old. The house we lived in before was in the countryside and it didn’t even have warm water”.

The actress added, “My friend’s house had an oil boiler, but my house only had briquettes. I was afraid that my friends would know that I lived in a place like that. That’s why I had never invited them to my house”, drawing regrets.

Source: Nate

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