No one would expect Han Ga-in to have such a great sense of entertainment… She looks prettier after taking off her ‘mysterious’ image

Han Ga-in, who recently returned on the TV through entertainment programs, is gaining much attention for her amazing entertainment skills.

Han Ga-in’s sense of entertainment, which had been hidden in the veil for such a long time, is sweeping various broadcasts. Four years after OCN’s 2018 drama “Mistress”, she has been seen on the TV so frequently, starting from the SBS’s web entertainment content “MMTG” on January 27th.

Han Ga-in

Han Ga-in, who used to be stuck with a “mysterious” image, has been capturing the hearts of the public with her easy-going personality and performances, such as praising herself for her own beauty and having a “diss battle” with her husband Yeon Jung-hoon when appearing on a program with him 17 years after their marriage in 2005.

Han Ga-in

 In “MMTG”, Han Ga-in revealed a behind-the-scenes story of when she worked with Jae Jae in the past and recalled her popularity during her school days. She praised her appearance and said, “I really didn’t care about men at that time. Even when I had to wear a black bag over my head on rainy days, I still looked pretty”.

Regarding her remark that her personality had become more flexible, Han Ga-in frankly said, “I think I made it up. After the shoot, I went inside the car and said I was going to die of cold…”. Han Ga-in’s unexpected charm was so well received by the viewers.

In addition to her Youtube appearance, Han Ga-in is currently showing off her talking skills through SBS’s entertainment show “Circle House”. She made realistic and honest statements, saying that she would not marry Yeon Jung-hoon if she were born again and that she agreed to live together before marriage but would oppose it when it came to her daughter. She also surprised everyone by revealing a behind story of her wedding that Yeon Jung-hoon kneeled down because she insisted on not getting married to him a day before their marriage.

Han Ga-in

She also appeared on KBS 2TV’s famous entertainment program “2 Days & 1 Night,starring her husband Yeon Jung-hoon. Public attention was focused on the appearance of the couple on an entertainment show 17 years after their marriage. Han Ga-in has been steadily mentioned a lot on “2 Days & 1 Night”. When Han Ga-in made a surprise appearance at the recording site of “2 Days & 1 Night,” not only the members but also her husband Yeon Jung-hoon were shocked.

han ga in yeon jeong hoon

Revealing that she had an opposite personality to her husband Yeon Jung-hoon, Han Ga-in said, “He’s 180 degrees different from me. I’m always in a hurry and I show lots of ups and downs in my mood. Meanwhile, my husband is slow and calm. I thought ‘It would be nice if I get married to this person’ because the atmosphere in the house would be harmonious and well-balanced”.

Han Ga-in said, “I’ve never seen him get angry before. He might scream on the show… but at home, he is completely calm”, adding, “I ask him about everything like a child. I even ask ‘Should I eat this with a spoon? Or chopsticks?’. He shows me what he wears when he goes out and if I tell him to change his white shirt to a gray one, he will change it. I won’t judge anything but I was really surprised by his character. He reports every move to me. He told his mom that he was not tired but told me that his knees hurt. Just like our son”.

Han Ga-in

Han Ga-in caused great disappointment from many male fans when she got married at the early age of 23. Making a comeback with entertainment show appearances and capturing the hearts of viewers with her sincere and easy-going talks, Han Ga-in is enjoying another heyday in her career.

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