“Extraordinary Attorney Woo”’s follow-up “Good Job” is off for a sad start, failed to live up to its name

ENA’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Good Job” fail to receive the halo effect from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

As it is a follow-up to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which was a huge syndrome, “Good Job” drew keen attention even before its first episode, but failed to meet the high expectations.

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“Good Job”, which first aired on August 24th, started off with 2.3% in the 1st episode and 2.2% in the 2nd episode. Considering that ENA is a new channel, it is not a bad start, but considering that it is a follow-up to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” it is far below the expected mark. Compared to the 1st episode, the ratings for the 2nd episode dropped even more. This is also a regrettable figure compared to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” whose ratings doubled in the 2nd episode.

“Good Job” is a heroic investigative drama starred by a man and woman with special abilities. Viewers’ attention was keen as Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri, who boasted fantastic chemistry in the drama “Bossam – Steal The Fate” last year, worked together in a romatic series once more. Some said that “Good Job” continues from their previous life in “Bossam”, so they are even nicknamed the “Reincarnation couple”.

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However, “Good Job” ran into some controversy once even before it was aired, and it was in a situation where it might have ended even before it started. Instead of Ryu Seung-jin, who was originally in charge of the production, Kang Min-koo was in charge of the production, raising rumors of a feud between the actors and the director. The production team explained, “It was not caused by a conflict with the actor,” but “Good Job” has already suffered a blow to its image even before its first broadcast.

There were disappointing reactions here and there as “Good Job” nervously kickstarted its series. Childish stories that are far from reality, actors’ disappointing acting skills, and a somewhat sloppy progress were pointed out. There is also a reaction that the genres of romance, comedy, and investigation are not properly combined, which failed to meet the audience’s expectations.

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Netizens commented, “The story development seems to be a bit forced,” “I was looking forward to seeing something like Woo Young-woo, but honestly, it’s a little disappointing.” Both the actors’ acting and makeup are clumsy,” “Honestly, the plot is boring and disappointing,” “Childish and old-fashioned.”

The excuse of a new channel is no longer working. Its previous series, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” started with 0.9% in the first episode and ended with 17.5%. It remains to be seen whether “Good Job,” which has both the halo and burden of being the follow-up of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” will be able to capture the hearts of viewers and draw an upward trend.

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