Girls’ Generation mention hardships during “Gee” promotion, couldn’t eat due to skinny jeans?

Yuri and Hyoyeon, 2 members of girl group Girls’ Generation, recalled the promotion of “Gee” where they performed in skinny jeans.

On the May 16th broadcast of MBC FM4U “2 O’Clock Date”, Girls’ Generation Yuri appeared as a special DJ, while her fellow member, Hyoyeon, participated as a guest.

During the broadcast, a listener sent in a message saying, “I grew up watching Girls’ Generation. You used to wear neon skinny jeans.”

Hearing this, Yuri asked, “Weren’t the skinny jeans too tight and uncomfortable?”, to which Hyoyeon replied, “Back then, we had to wear whatever was given to us, so we couldn’t complain even if it was uncomfortable.”


At this, Yuri drew attention by saying, “We couldn’t even eat properly. I hope skinny jeans never come back. I heard they’re coming back into fashion.”

Finally, in response to a listener who questioned, “Why do you look the same even as time goes by?”, Hyoyeon answered, “Looking at the other members, I think we’ve maintained ourselves well. We exercise diligently and take good care of ourselves.”

Source: Daum

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