(G)I-DLE Shuhua’s Unedited Photos Spark Debate Over Idol’s Appearance

Shuhua (G)I-DLE is becoming the center of discussion as a core fansite exposes her true appearance.

Recently, a topic related to (G)I-DLE’s member Shuhua has sparked intense debate among fans. Specifically, the owner of a core fanpage dedicated to Shuhua was attacked for posting unedited photos of her from a recent fan meeting.

These unedited photos revealing Shuhua’s true appearance caused a stir across K-pop forums. Comparisons with previously edited photos posted by this fanpage highlighted significant differences between the original and unedited images.

In the entertainment industry, especially in K-pop where appearance is highly valued, idols are expected to always appear glamorous and beautiful. Shuhua, known for her captivating appearance, has garnered many fans due to her icy and elegant beauty reminiscent of a muse. The meticulously edited photos have enhanced her visual appeal, attracting numerous admirers and passersby alike.

However, contrasting with her visual charm is Shuhua’s talent. Throughout her career spanning over half a decade, she has frequently faced criticism for her vocal shortcomings within the group and her relatively less impressive dancing skills. Additionally, her occasionally clumsy interactions with fans have also led to criticism.

Yet, recent unedited photos revealing Shuhua’s slightly heavier appearance, weary eyes, and tired demeanor have disappointed many. On social media platforms, she has received numerous negative comments regarding her appearance. Consequently, Shuhua’s Chinese fan community has vehemently reacted, accusing the aforementioned fanpage of being anti-fan, deliberately portraying their idol in a negative light.

The controversy has divided (G)I-DLE’s fan community. Alongside negative comments, many have defended Shuhua, asserting that despite these criticisms, she still maintains her usual appearance. Differences highlighted in the images were attributed to angles and lighting rather than any significant change in her appearance. Criticism of an idol’s fatigue or less-than-vibrant appearance is not uncommon, especially given their demanding schedules.

K-netizens’ reactions have varied:

  • “What are you talking about? Are you out of your mind? Even in candid news photos, Shuhua looks beautiful.”
  • “Regardless of how Shuhua looks, all members of (G)I-DLE are amazing, so let’s not overreact.”
  • “What’s the issue here? I think she still looks beautiful.”
  • “Those photos look fine. It’s just the angles.”
  • “She looks very pretty in other photos.”
  • “I think she looks better without heavy editing.”
  • “They just took bad photos.”

Source: K14

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