G-Dragon Still Misses ‘Infinite Challenge’ and Jung Hyung-don After 10 Years

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon expressed his longing for comedian Jung Hyung-don.

On July 7th, G-Dragon posted an update on his Instagram story. In the photo, G-Dragon took a selfie in an elevator, showcasing his casual outfit.

Jung Hyung-don G-Dragon Infinite Challenge

G-Dragon added a captioned photo from the past MBC show ‘Infinite Challenge,’ where Jung Hyung-don humorously commented on G-Dragon’s unique fashion sense.

He also set the background music to Hyungdon and Daejun’s “Give Me Beans,” attracting attention.

In the past, G-Dragon appeared on ‘Infinite Challenge,’ where he was often humorously critiqued on his fashion by Jung Hyung-don, entertaining viewers with their playful relationship.

The two even won Best Couple at the 2013 MBC Entertainment Awards.

Even after more than 10 years since appearing on ‘Infinite Challenge,’ G-Dragon’s mention of Jung Hyung-don has once again captured fans’ interest.

G-Dragon recently garnered attention by being appointed as a visiting professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at KAIST. He will serve as a professor for two years until June 2026. He was also named a global ambassador for KAIST, contributing to the strengthening of its overseas promotions. G-Dragon also plans to release a solo album in the second half of this year.

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